Settlement "The Voila"

In the 1583 census, Voila had 301 inhabitants. We do not know who the Voila feudal lord was, but we assume that he belonged to the Venetian family "Zenon". After the Turkish occupation, this family was renamed and islamized. From that family came one of the most fanatical genitsaurus Chin-Alis or Tzenalis. The tradition wants him the owner of the Voila Tower, which externally has a Turkish inscription dated 1742. Next to the inscription there are engraved Turkish symbols, pellets, cypresses and pedals.

From the time of the Turkish occupation, the two fountains with the relief Turkish inscriptions, true ornaments of the village with plenty of cold water come from the time of the Turkish occupation. An important monument of Voila is the church of St. George of the 15th century. Inside the church there is the family tomb of the Salamon family with an inscription in iambic tetrameter and dates 1510 and 1560.

The surname Solomos or Salamos undoubtedly has a root from the Jewish Solomon and is a family of Jews who was christened and settled in the 16th century in the area of Sitia. So probably the Solomos of Zakynthos - from which our national poet Dionysios Solomos comes from - draw their origin from the Salamos of Sitia.